4th May 2020Minutes 040520
15th June 2020Minutes 150620
6th July 2020Minutes 060720 (4)
12th October 2020Minutes 121020
7th December 2020Minutes 71220
9th March 2021Draft Minutes 090321
7th June 2021Parish Meeting Minutes 070621
7th June 2021
Minutes 070621(2)
13 Sep 2021Minutes 130921
9 Dec 2021Minutes 291121
17 January 2021
Minutes 170122
7th March 2022
Minutes 070322
19th May 2022
Parish Meeting Minutes 090522
19th May 2022Minutes 090522


Minutes for Parish Council Meetings are published about 10 days after the Meeting but remain in draft until formally approved at the next Council Meeting and signed by the Chairman.

Minutes are put on the Parish Notice Boards on Exton Hill and by the Bridgetown Village Hall. The Minutes are published on the Parish Website. All Minutes have the Parish Council Website address.

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