Exton Parish Council

The rural Parish of Exton is situated on Exmoor and is in the deep wooded Exe valley. It comprises two settlements being Exton and Bridgetown with surrounding more isolated houses and has a population of about 250. Exton is situated halfway up the steep Exton Hill and is grouped round the Norman Church of St Peter that has an 13th century tower and is Grade 2* listed. The community of Bridgetown sits below Exton in the river valley and is astride the A396 that runs between Minehead and Tiverton and is one of the main tourist routes in the Exmoor National Park. Bridgetown has a Village Hall and a Public House the Badgers Holt. Bridgetown also has a cricket team whose ground is bordered by the river Exe and thought to be one of the prettiest grounds in England. The popular Exe Valley Caravan Park is situated in Bridgetown within the old Mill House grounds bordering the River Exe.

The link below, kindly made available by the Exmoor National Park Authority provides a map of the Parish.

In addition there is a relief map of the Parish in the Village Hall and is photographed below.

The Parish Council is responsible for local issues including being consulted by the Exmoor National Park Authority on Planning Applications. The Council sets an annual precept which is the local rate from which it funds expenditure such as the Parish Lengthsman who cuts verges and does routine maintenance such as cleaning signposts and cutting back hedges.